NFL Draft

1 (1)Arizona CardinalsKyler MurrayQuarterback5'10"/207Oklahoma

A whole lot of very smart, very good offensive minds swear that he's the real deal and is just that sort of talent worthy of becoming the franchise guy. In terms of value and risk, though, this is one of the biggest calls in NFL Draft history. The arm strength is unquestionably good enough, the unteachable accuracy is ingrained. Will lack of size lead to injury issues? All comments compiled from analysis by Pete Fiutak of College Football News.

2 (2)San Francisco 49ersNick BosaDefensive end6'4"/266Ohio State

No, he's not Joey Bosa. He wasn't even close to being as productive in college, he disappeared way too often. But to be fair, he came out roaring last season before suffering an adductor muscle tear. Now he's fine, and now he just might be the best prospect in the draft. He's got sub-4.8 wheels. the strength of a defensive tackle, and the explosion to be dominant.

3 (3)New York JetsQuinnen WilliamsDefensive tackle6'3"/303Alabama

300-pound men aren't supposed to be as agile and quick as a DE. Some might consider the height a knock, but he uses it to his advantage for leverage, and he's better when getting keyed on by double teams than he gets credit for. No, he's not going to be the giant space-eater some might like, but that's not necessarily a must in today's NFL.

4 (4)Oakland RaidersClelin FerrellDefensive end6'4"/264Clemson

Everyone is going to try selling you on Rashan Gary and Nick Bosa as the prototype defensive end talents with size, quickness, athleticism and the upside to get a whole lot better. Ferrell is all of that, and he produced more than those other two. He explodes off the ball, and he can power his way to the passer when he has to close.

5 (5)Tampa Bay BuccaneersDevin WhiteLinebacker6'0"/237LSU

An all-around tackling machine, he's got the production to go along with the tools and the talent. With his speed comes the big-pop hitting ability to be an intimidating force when he gets to the ball. No, he's not going to do too much as a pass defender, but that's not what you're paying for. He's going to be the leader of your defense for the next decade.

6 (6)New York GiantsDaniel JonesQuarterback6'5"/221Duke

Great size and mind, and polished mid-range game, but will you win a Super Bowl because you have him? Nah, but he can be a good piece of a great team that's got everything else in place. In a league with so much high-end quarterback talent, you're going to hitch your wagon to a moderately accurate passer with decent tools in the first round?

7 (7)Jacksonville JaguarsJosh AllenDefensive end6'5"/262Kentucky

If he's not the best player in the draft, he's in the top three. A do-it-all playmaker, tone-setter, and leader, he's got the size and bulk to be tough against the run, the athleticism to be Khalil Mack-like as a pass rusher, and the talent to instantly be the star on any D. Big plays seem to find him - he's the type who always rises to the occasion when needed.

8 (8)Detroit LionsT.J. HockensonTight end6'5"/251Iowa

Everything is there to not just be a great player, but he could potentially be a franchise type of tight end to work an entire offense around. He's what you want with great size, a big frame, explosive leaping ability, soft hands. Throw in the blocking ability to go with his smooth, athletic style of play, and he's about as prototype as it gets.

9 (9)Buffalo BillsEd OliverDefensive tackle6'2"/287Houston

Yeah, he's undersized … but he's bigger than Aaron Donald. A peerless interior pass rusher, he was ready for the next level 10 minutes into his freshman season. Extremely strong for his size - to go along with the quickness - he'll get beaten up at times by NFL double teams, and he'll need to be surrounded by bulk, but he'll keep offensive coordinators up at night.

10 (10)Pittsburgh SteelersDevin BushLinebacker5'11"/234Michigan

He's always going to get erased when someone locks on to him, and his future should end up getting a decent look on the outside to utilize his athleticism, but he can be thrown into the middle of any defense and he'll produce. Best of all, the timed speed shows up on the field, too. There's little wasted motion to his game.

11 (11)Cincinnati BengalsJonah WilliamsOffensive guard6'5"/302Alabama

Give him a little time at one spot and he'll master the position. No, he's never going to be a blaster of a blocker, and there's a chance that he's really good at almost every position on the line, and not amazing at any one of them, but you don't work at left tackle on Nick Saban's line for a few years without being able to handle the job.

12 (12)Green Bay PackersRashan GaryDefensive end6'4"/277Michigan

Absolutely all the tools are there to be devastating in any scheme. He can be a too-quick tackle, a big end, or anything in between - he might just be the team's most talented lineman right out of the gate. There's a chance he fits the cliché that he'll be a better pro than a college player. The tools are just too good to ignore.

13 (13)Miami DolphinsChristian WilkinsDefensive tackle6'3"/315Clemson

He's the exact type of smart leader you want to be the face-of-the-franchise star, bringing the emotion, the effort, and the tone-setting ability that makes everyone around him better. And he can really play, too. No, he's not going to be the superstar top player on an elite front, but he'll eventually be the first one holding up the Lombardi from the defensive side on the right team.

14 (14)Atlanta FalconsChris LindstromOffensive guard6'4"/308Boston College

There's enough talent and athleticism there to try out at right tackle, and he might just stick on the outside. However, he doesn't have the length to go along with the pure blocking talent - he's going to end up at guard. He'll be impossible to get around as an interior pass blocker, and he's more than capable of packing a punch, too.

15 (15)Washington RedskinsDwayne HaskinsQuarterback6'3"/231Ohio State

He only did it for one year at Ohio State, he can't move, he's got a few mechanical issues to work on, but all that pales in comparison to his upside. He's big, has a live arm, and is a gamer. The tools are all in place, and he's got the makeup to take his lumps (think Sam Darnold) for a while to get better and better throughout the process.

16 (16)Carolina PanthersBrian BurnsDefensive end6'5"/249Florida State

He's missing the raw bulk on his frame, is a true tweener, and power is a big problem at the next level, but he's way too promising to not find a starting spot. He's an elite pass rushing specialist who'll have one trick, but it'll be a great one. He has the creativity to give NFL offensive tackles fits for the next several years.

17 (17)New York GiantsDexter LawrenceDefensive tackle6'4"/342Clemson

Yeah, yeah, yeah … there's that PED suspension thing that kept him out of the College Football Playoff. He still might be the best player in this draft. The tools are freakish, and it's not just because of the alleged parts of the puzzle. He's ultra-quick and doesn't get shoved off his base. He'll own the line and be a dominant run stopper.

18 (18)Minnesota VikingsGarrett BradburyCenter6'3"/306North Carolina State

He's not all that huge, but he doesn't make mistakes, and he can move. If he's not the first center off the board, he'll be a close second with the strength to be a starter right out of the gate. The only big question mark is the lack of bulk - it would be nice if he checked in around 315ish - but he's very, very quick.

19 (19)Tennessee TitansJeffery SimmonsDefensive tackle6'4"/301Mississippi State

When healthy, he was a good, sound rock of a defensive tackle against the run, holding up well and letting everyone else around him make big plays behind the line. However, he can get in the backfield, too. He's got the quickness, the moves, and the athleticism to become a bigger statistical star … If he's healthy.

20 (20)Denver BroncosNoah FantTight end6'4"/249Iowa

While he's not as big as TJ Hockenson, and he's not as good a prospect, he's faster, stronger, and quicker. With his pass catching ability and good-enough tools, he's a starter right out of the gate. He's the epitome of a big wide receiver playing tight end - being a volume-catching matchup nightmare will be more than good enough.

21 (21)Green Bay PackersDarnell Savage Jr.Safety5'11"/198Maryland

The 4.36 he ripped off at the combine boosted up his stock to another level. He can fly all over the field, and he's an ultra-reliable tackler, but he doesn't bring the lumber and isn't quite as big as some might like. A ball-hawker, stick him in zone coverage and let him use his wheels to go make the pick.

22 (22)Philadelphia EaglesAndre DillardOffensive tackle6'5"/315Washington State

One of the high risers in the process, he has a great frame and great size with sub-5.0 speed and good enough quickness to be a killer pass protector. What he can't do is blast away for the running game, but that's not why you're getting him. He's start from Day One, and bring the effort and work to get better. He'll keep your QB in one piece.

23 (23)Houston TexansTytus HowardOffensive tackle6'5"/322-

Playing at the lower level is of course going to be a bit of an issue and a concern, but he's got the NFL size and the upside to grow into a literal huge get in a light class of tackles. While he mostly worked at right tackle, he's more than athletic enough to get tried out on the left side. He has to get stronger to match up to his big body and frame.

24 (24)Oakland RaidersJosh JacobsRunning back5'10"/219Alabama

He's not as fast as a Rashaad Penny or Sony Michel from last year's first round, and just didn't get a whole lot of work at Alabama. But that's a good thing. He's fresh, he's ready, and he's got the combination of skills to make him a No. 1 running back right from the start. He's talented, but there's a wee bit of a buyer beware thing happening here.

25 (25)Baltimore RavensMarquise BrownWide receiver5'9"/170Oklahoma

Too electrifying and too good to worry about his lack of bulk. The deep speed is there to rip defenses apart on the outside, but where he'll make his money is through a defense getting the ball on the move. Oh sure, there's going to be a big blasting shot that comes his way once in a while, but he's tough as nails.

26 (26)Washington RedskinsMontez SweatDefensive end6'6"/260Mississippi State

His ability to come up with a variety of moves and change up his reportoire makes him a nasty moving target. With his long legs - a bit of a negative at times - he closes in just a few unwasted steps. Give him just a little while to get up to speed, and then look out for the Pro Bowl recognition to come on a regular basis.

27 (27)Oakland RaidersJohnathan AbramSafety5'11"/205Mississippi State

He's the big hitter in this year's class. He's not going to be a free safety, and despite his terrific 4.45 wheels, he's not quite as consistent in pass coverage as some might like, but that's looking for something that's just not that big a deal. He's fine when the ball is in the air - but he's more of a run stopper and intimidating force against the run.

28 (28)Los Angeles ChargersJerry TilleryDefensive tackle6'6"/295Notre Dame

He checked in a bit smaller than expected, but he's got a great frame, can play bigger if he wants to, and he moves like a big end. The versatility is there to be a Day One starter, but he might be a high end tackle tweener. He can play in any scheme, but he could be a force with the right defensive coordinator who has a set plan of development.

29 (29)Seattle SeahawksL.J. CollierDefensive end6'3"/291TCU

While he's a bit short and squatty for a true end, and he's not quite as athletic as many might like, he's a tough guy run stopper who'll do a lot of the dirty work. There's nothing sexy about his game, and he's not going to be a superstar for a line, but he's purely a good football player who'll bring the effort on every snap.

30 (30)New York GiantsDeandre BakerCornerback5'11"/193Georgia

He's a true cover-corner with No. 1 skills to erase a top receiver with his physical style - and that has to be his game. He plays fast, and he doesn't have issues with quickness or fluidity in his style, but he's not a blazer. Don't overthink this. He's a fighter who'll get past his issues and be a starter right out of the gate.

31 (31)Atlanta FalconsKaleb McGaryOffensive tackle6'8"/324Washington

With his amazing frame and with good enough all-around athleticism to be tried out at left tackle, he's a good pass protector who's tough to get around. The power is the key, even if he doesn't look like a typical NFL road grader body-wise. The big concern will be his position. Is he a slightly-too-rangy guard, or is he a right tackle only?

32 (32)New England PatriotsN'Keal HarryWide receiver6'4"/213Arizona State

The raw speed might not be there, but he's a tough-guy playmaker. He's more than athletic enough, and best of all - unlike most of the other top receivers in this draft - he's a No. 1. He can turn into a go-to target to build a passing game around. So what's the problem? He's not going to get away from NFL corners and he's not going to blow past anyone.

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