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      The Portland Trail Blazers are on the brink of elimination when they face the Golden State Warriors Monday night in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals.

      Game details: Here’s a look at the start time, television information and odds for tonight’s game, with the Warriors leading the series, 3-0.

      • When: 9 p.m. ET
      • Where: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
      • TV: ESPN
      • Betting line: Warriors -3 / 219 points

      The big picture: Down 3-0, the Blazers will attempt to do what no team has done before in NBA history — come back from this deficit and win. Even though the Warriors have been shorthanded throughout the series, it will take nothing short of a miracle for the Blazers to capture this series.

      As we look ahead to this pivotal contest, we offer some burning questions that must be answered in Game 4.

      Will Iggy play?

      Andre Iguodala is currently dealing with soreness in his Achilles area and was almost a non-factor in Game 3. He played just 18 minutes (significantly less than in any other postseason game this year) and had just two points. Iguodala got some good news on Sunday when his MRI came back clean. Yet he’s still questionable for Game 4.

      The Warriors put together a tremendous comeback victory without Iggy in Game 3, thanks to the Splash Brothers coming alive, and thanks to a signature game from Draymond Green. Yet Iguodala has been a key player for Golden State this postseason, and without Kevin Durant the Warriors will have their depth tested if the veteran cannot play.

      Will it ever be Dame time?

      Damian Lillard has struggled mightily in this series. The Oakland native lost his shooting touch in Game 7 against Denver in the last series and has never regained it, shooting 32.9 percent and averaging 20.3 points against Golden State.

      C.J. McCollum has taken over as the leading scorer for Portland while Lillard flounders. It’s no surprise the Blazers have yet to win a game in this series with their top star suffering a failure to launch.

      This is a player who has authored countless signature moments for his team in recent years. “Big Game Dame” got that moniker for a reason.

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      If the Blazers have any hope of winning even a single game, it has to be Dame Time starting Monday night.

      Can Steph keep the magic going?

      Remember when everyone was worried that Stephen Curry’s finger injury was a big deal because he had a few rough shooting games?

      That is ancient history now. Ever since Game 4 of the Houston series Curry has gone back to being the baby-faced assassin for the Dubs. Especially since his 33-point second-half outburst in Game 6 against the Rockets, Curry has been incredibly efficient.

      Curry has averaged 36.3 points per game in this series while providing key buckets late in games. If Curry remains on target in Game 4, the Blazers will have their work cut out for them.

      Will the brooms come out?

      At this point, even if the Blazers figure out a way to win a game, this series is over — barring history in the making. And, sorry, Portland fans, but that’s not happening. Given Golden State’s shorthanded roster, and the desperation Portland will have coming into Game 4, the Blazers might just avoid a sweep.

      Looking at it from the Warriors’ perspective, a clean sweep culminating with a Game 4 victory would benefit their cause. Toronto pulled out a clutch victory at home in double-overtime Sunday night and that series against Milwaukee looks like it could go at least six games.?

      So, if the Warriors can conjure the willpower to dispatch their rival Monday night, they’ll have some time to get healthy for the NBA Finals.

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